Industrial Water Resource Management

Water is one of the most vital natural resources in the world. In the past century, water in the earth was subject to significant changes due to rising water consumption that was driven by industrialization and urbanization. Meanwhile, deterioration of water quality caused by industrial wastewater discharge has emerged in many developing countries. For example, one-third of wastewater was discharged by industrial sectors in China according to environmental statistics of 2013. Water managers of multiple jurisdictions are facing dual challenges from water resources shortage and water quality reduction. Such challenges will be aggravated in the future due to a significant increase in industrial water demand. Particularly, with the implementation of sustainable development plans for society, economy, and environment in China, it is of importance to mitigate industrial impacts on water resources deficit and water quality decline in the near future. Moreover, uncertain future conditions (e.g., unknown water inflows and diverse industrial activities) will continuously require novel methods to support decision making in industrial water resources management (IWRM) systems.

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