Fungal Growth Incubator

Fungal Growth Incubator is designed for environmental protection with constant and accurate temperature and humidity control function. It is equipped with advanced PID control technology and a unique air duct design that ensures excellent temperature uniformity.

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  • Capacity : 100L, 150L, 250L
  • Temp. Range : 0-60°C
  • Temp. Uniformity : ±0.1°C
  • Temp. Fluctuation : ±1°C
  • Temp. Resolution : 0.1°C
  • Mirror finished stainless steel inner chamber
  • Double door with magnetically sealed outer door
  • Inner chamber equipped with a lightning device for easier observation
  • Built-in socket and adjustable shelf
  • Unique air duct circulation system ensures temperature uniformity
  • Large capacity humidifier enables automatic water intake function
  • UV sterilization lamp ensures bacteria-free working chamber
  • Programmable microcomputer based PID controller
  • LCD display
  • Touch-button operation with timer function
  • Fluorine-free R134a refrigerant
  • Equipped with compressor providing stable and long lasting operation
  • Balanced refrigeration, low temperature fluctuation, auto-defrost function
  • Multiple safety function, delay protection function
  • Over-temperature alarm function